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Food supplements

Food supplements generic formulation

Recoverlab develops generic dossiers of food supplements in all possible market segments of prescription and / or medical advice with or without differentiation.
Recoverlab files dossiers by guaranteeing a development on the same spirit as pharmaceuticals with stabilities and validations constraints under the last regulations in force.
Recoverlab sells its dossier on business to business model in the 28 EU countries, in Canada and China.

Innovative food supplements

Recoverlab offers its development services to laboratories and industrial companies wishing to:
– Develop a new formula
– Manage the Product Life Cycle Management
– Differentiate with modified release formulations
– Add intellectual property
Recoverlab has the know-how and technologies to:
– Prove the bioavailability of the nutritional ingredients in the finished product
– Carry out bioequivalence studies (versus reference or in the case of a change of ingredient supplier)
– The Bioavalable Ingredient Inside (B2I®) technology license is available on a case-by-case basis for one tested ingredient per market segment.